"You don't Have Permission to view this form" - Selective users

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We created a MS form using the following permissions option "Only People in my organization can respond" 


Majority of people can access the form, however there are a few that claim after signing in they get this error:




We have also checked in Azure if there are additional settings to associate, but cannot seem to find anything.


Anyone got an idea?

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Hi @Megan-Lee Paterson


They have to be on the same tenant else they may get that error.


Or their login happens to be something other than their organisational one at the time they tried to access the form?


Maybe give those options a go and see what happens? Please let me know how you go.




It is useful to try in another browser or clearing the cookies. 

@Oleg K I was having this issue with a form I created myself! Copy pasted into a new incognito tab. Worked a charm!