"The value must be a number"-placeholder in every Text-question

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I'm working on a project where I have to gather some data from our employees with a survey. I thought of firing up a survey with Microsoft Forms, but I'm getting these bad vibes already while taking the first steps.




1st screenshot:

When adding a new Text-question, I of course assume that I'm now creating a question which accepts a String. You know, an array of characters.






2nd screenshot:

Then why is the placeholder-text for the answer-textbox "The value must be a number"?







EDIT: Oh god, this rich text message editor is a PITA :D




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  @Daniel Ahrari, I noticed this happening when you set restrictions the type of field turns into a number field. Even if you then remove the restrictions the type of field remains a numberRestrictions.PNG



Hi Pieter.

Thank you for the quick response! Yeah, I noticed that too. If you even once make a question restricted to numbers, every question created after that will have the "The value must be a number" placeholder text.

I encountered the same problem and contacted MS Support via Chat, who told me to call Pro Support. Hmm not very helpful, considering I am not in the US.


Anyway, I had a thought and it worked. I was using Chrome to amend the Form (it never wants to open in Firefox!) and thought I would try it in IE. I opened the Form in IE, re-added and removed the Restriction, and the text changed to "Enter your answer". I checked in Chrome and it's actually worked. Go figure.

Hi @Daniel Ahrari, @Pieter Veenstra, @Melissa Maloney,


Thanks for reporting this issue.


We have a bug in the help message after you remove the "number restriction", but it won't block you submit text answers. We have already solve the bug, and fix should be rollout to all customers in few days.