"Allow respondents to edit their responses" does not fire flow trigger

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New Option "Allow respondents to edit their responses" is added.


But flow doesn't fire when answer is edited and submitted.
This makes no sense...Also test the connector, plz.

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@kotato196 actually it does make sense because a new response has not been submitted, the original response has been edited and the response re-submitted. Power Automate has not yet had a new trigger built for this as this feature is brand new. Hopefully Microsoft will build one shortly.


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Hi Rob,

I was testing this feature in the past weeks and facing the same challenge. It would make sense as you said if saving the form for later editing did not trigger the associated flow but it does when the form is filled for the first time half-way through and saved for later editing. I can see that Flows react to that event as if the form was submitted. However, when editing the same form and re-submitting it later, the same flow does not react at all as if the form ID has changed when it was saved by the user and appeared in user's 'Filled forms' folder in Forms. 

So, it makes me feel that this is rather a bug in the newly (and raw) cooked feature in Forms that Flows is not aligned to yet. What do you think? 

For my particular task I want the flow to be triggered after every editing and re-submission of the associated form. And I want users to be able to do changes unlimited times and the flow collect new data set with every new editing. 

Thank you!



This concern has been received by the product team, it is currently under discussion, no ETA at this time.

@Dingkun Xie 


Thank you! Hope the fix will come out soon. Would be good also to receive updates in this forum if possible. 

I receive the following error when attempting to save an edited response.  "This form doesn't exist anymore. Please contact the form owner for more information".  



Have you seen a session id on the error page? If you can share it with me, I can take a look and see what went wrong.


I got this error message when the original response had been deleted.

If the original form has been removed by form owner, you will also see this error - "This form doesn't exist".

@Dingkun Xie 


Will this edit functionality also be shared with the Group Forms or only for Personal Forms?


I am working on a far-reaching digitalisation project and the limited edit functionality has stalled it.


If a trigger can be added to Power Automate regarding the submission of edits, this would allow me to proceed. 


Alternatively, if respondents can edit Group Form submissions, I can proceed.


Many thanks,


It is currently only enabled in personal form.

@Dingkun Xie 


Thank you for the quick response.


Please could you let me know whether your Team are looking into sharing the edit functionality to Group forms. 


If so, do you think this will be available before the end of 2023?


Many thanks,




I haven't heard of any plans to extend this feature to group forms, but I will send your feedback to the Product team in case it would be helpful for them to prioritize it.

@Dingkun Xie 


I am a corporate user.
All forms are shared with the group for personnel changes.
I don't understand why this functionality is limited to personal forms.
Also required for group forms.


Thank you,

@Dingkun Xie 


We have a series of forms that we want the respondents to be able to save and edit their responses. 

We ticked to add this to the forms when the update was released, and it was working but then it stopped working and the option became unavailable to select and the information pop up says "Current form doesn't support this feature. Please try to create from your Forms portal."


We thought maybe this was because the forms were all created before the upgrade that allowed the saving option, so started over and created new forms ... but the same thing has happened. 

COuld this be something to do with the personal v group forms? I am not sure how to tell which ours are.  






If possible, could you please send me a private message with your form ID so that I can check the reasons from our backend server?



@Dingkun Xie 

I'm also having the same issue. Even when I try creating a new Forms, the same message appears again if I try to allow the edit response option.


Is this a problem that comes with the new updated version? 


Many thanks! 




I am not aware of this problem, if you cloud send me a private message with your form ID, I can check the reasons from our backend server.

Hi, @CarlyC1998 

This feature does not work on group forms.
If you create it first in your form and later move it to a group, it will automatically be disabled.
As I posted just before, I would like you to support the group form as well.

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Is there a timeline for the Edit Form feature to retrigger the Power Automate Flow
A viable workaround to do so with some other steps.

Request your response on the same.