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I have created quiz with MCQ and uploading document type question on MS forms;  when i create an assignment on MS Teams and link my quiz form fail to upload file error comes.


but If i copy the share form link in the Post area of MS teams and students are able to do their quiz and upload files.    but in such case  after evaluating ansers directly from MS forms i post the result to student .  he is able to see his score by clicking the same link he used for giving test.

if i follow this method grades will not appear in his grade section;


MS development team need to think about this issue very seriously ;  


quiz work well only for Multiple choices etc etc. except upload type questions well in MS Teams platform 


upload type of questions  based exam  unable to conduct using MS Teams environment;  we need share form link to them and conduct exam no use of assignment section and grade section


please help its urgent  exam are ahead.  

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Dear Colleagues:

I've create a video to help solving this error. You can access it in https://youtu.be/B2hJP-1yCyI


Although it is in Portuguese, you can add the subtitles. Please check if it solves your problem and send me your feedback.

Also you can check other videos in https://bit.ly/2XQTCkq