Queued Invitations for Survey Not Sending

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Hello Everyone! I have a NPS survey that has ~128K invitations. 69% of those invitations have been sitting in a “Queued” state for several days now with no movement. Is this a Forms Pro issue or something to do with my email account associated to Forms Pro? I need the invitations to actually be sent but they just sit in a “In Progress” state and they have not been sent. Help! 

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@Indiemusicboy  - if it's been days, I would contact Microsoft and check with them. Queued means the survey invitation email is queued to be sent. This is more likely to happen if you are sending out emails from Forms Pro to multiple contacts at one time. Not sure about the 'In Progress'. Are you using Forms or Forms Pro? Forms Pro doesn't have an In Progress state on the invitations. 

@Indiemusicboy  Did your messages ever send.  I am seeing a similar problem with invites I am trying to send.  I am working with our Exchange team later today to see if they can figure out what's happening.

@danielgrant0725 After taking into account some ideas here and discussing with Microsoft directly, I limited my mass invites from 9,999 to 1K increments. That decreased the queue from 70% to 2%. While it was more work, it was the only workaround. Hopefully Microsoft can address this in future releases.