Questions disappeared when I tested the form?

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I created a form with 18 questions, in order to test it I went to preview and filled the form in.  When I hit submit all seemed well until it took me back to the edit questions page where I was now down to only 13 questions?  not only that, it hadn't recorded my response either, at least that way I could have seen a copy of my questions and therefore be able to replace them.


Anyone any ideas how I might be able to recover this information please, I spent a lot of time on this today so currently pretty annoyed with forms!!

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Hi Frank,


Looks like you met an error.

Do you mind to send your form URL for me? I could connect with our engineering team for troubleshooting.




@Zhongzhong Li 


I also created a forms with around 90 questions and when I tested it both on preview and via link only 13 questions were visible to answer. So I created another forms and this time only 5 questions can be answered. Seems to be a buck, too? How can I solve this isssue?


Kind regards