Question based on previous answer?

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Hey so I have a simple form with 2 questions


in the first one they can select a month (jan, feb, mar, etc) and in the second one they have to type in a year number.


Now this form is linked to several power automate flows and I wanna build in some form of double checking their answers, like a pop up or a third question that says "are you sure you want to start the flow for month X in year X" - where they can mark a checkbox


Basically i want the confirmation question to contain the answers selected in question 1 and 2 so the users can double-check (or if anyone has a better solution for this, any info is welcome)


I know about branching but I don't know how to properly do it besides making like 100+ branches for every month/year combination possible.

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@Shoekstra you can't copy the answers from previous questions to a new question, there is NO pre-filling of questions in Forms.


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Branching would be a good approach for your scenario. If possible, we could add a required confirmation question for each question, which would significantly reduce the number of questions you need to build. It would look something like this: