QR Codes Leading to Different Sections of Same Form

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I am creating a form for a large site and wish to break it up into different sections so that we do not have to worry about time-outs or forgetfulness when doing data entry.

Is it possible to have a form with sections, and have QR codes that, when scanned, would lead to appropriate sections? Let's say one QR code that lead to Building 1, and another that was the form for Building 2, and so on.

My current solution is have multiple forms, each leading to their appropriate area, in which the data is then collated in Excel. It is not difficult, just wondering about easing use into the future.

Thanks for any answers or recommendations!

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@sroper90 sections have been availbable in Forms for quite a long time:



 But it's not possible to have QR codes that take you directly to the relevant section. Forms works top down so you always go to the first question that then branches to the relevant section.


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Thanks for the quick response, Rob!

That settles that — will be using multiple forms, each with its own QR code, and then combining the data afterwards.
You can easily combine the data with multiple flows in Power Automate saving each response into the same SharePoint list.