Purpose and example of "long answer " formats in Microsoft Quiz Forms

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Are there any helpful examples and explanations of "Long Questions" when used in Forms / Quiz layouts for school students? How can these be marked automatically as this is a major time saver and students really appreciate instant results?


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@Ewanwt the long answer is designed to allow a longer response than a standard question and can cope with up to 4,000 characters. We use it when we have a potentially long response that gets saved to a multiline text column in SharePoint (for example "What can we do to make working from home easier for you?"). There is no way it could be marked automatically.


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Do you know the character limit for normal, short responses?@RobElliott 

4000. It's the same limit as the long answer but the difference is that whereas the box for the long answer will get bigger as you type, with a short answer it doesn't.


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