Public Forms with Private Responses

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I'd like to make a Form public and restrict access to responses to people within my organisation (or a group of people within my org.)


So, a public form with private responses.  Is that possible?

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I'm not sure if I'm getting your question. Why would you want a Form to be public and only get answers from your organization? By Public form, do you mean I should be able to access the form?

Hi @cymorg1, you have 2 options for responses: Anyone with a link can respond or Only people in my organisation can respond. But in both of those cases the responses are private and cannot be viewed by anyone unless they have the "Share to collaborate link" which you as the Form owner needs to give them from the Share button in the top right.


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When I give the "Share to collaborate link" to someone inside my org. can someone outside my org. get access too? Is the person I share it with authenticated somehow or is just having the link sufficient to grant access? Suppose my colleague shares the link with someone outside and they post it on a forum are the results safe? They are only safe if I'm only allowed to collaborate with org. members or trusted external users. Is that trust possible or is collaboration restriced to org. members only or is is just insecure?