Problems filling out an internal form for multiple users

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We use forms for some of our business owners to provide operational information to us. We use Microsoft Flow to use the data submitted to generate tasks for the information provided in Planner/To-Do, send notification emails to the submitter.


Some of these business owners have multiple locations. They access the forms by logging into Sharepoint and clicking a link to the forms on a Sharepoint site. We've found that sometimes even though they're logged into Sharepoint as one of their locations, when they click a link to one of the forms and submit, the form is being submitted as one of their other locations (not one they're logged into Sharepoint as). It seems like KMSI may be causing issues. 


Forms does not display any information about who it thinks is the logged in user anywhere on the page, so this has been especially frustrating for our users. 


How are we supposed to handle this? Right now I'm advising the use Incognito mode and open a new browser session when they need to submit the same form multiple times for their various locations, bu that is burdensome for the user. I could add in a field for them to type in the email address of the location they're trying to submit the form as, but this opens up a separate set of issues and adds significant complexity in Flow. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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