Problem with Forms and sending scores

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I'm new to the subject of making online tests with forms, so please forgive me if I ask a noob question...


I am able to make a test in Forms. And I can send the test to different people. (tried it on 2 of my own mailadresses).

When the test has been made, I get a notification by mail.

Furthermore I am able to review the test and make notes.

So far so good….

But when I send the scores, I do not get notifications on the mail adres from which I made the test...

So my "students" cannot see their result….

And when I look at the Excel sheet to review the scores I see "anonymous" in the column "Email".


How can I make this work ??

Maybe it is just a matter of adjusting some settings, but I cannot figure out how...

I do NOT use microsoft teams, the tests are for students "outside" my organisation or school..



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@HeartBeat as your form is set to anyone with a link can respond (as your students are outside your organisation it has to be set that way), have you got a question in your form asking them for their email address? If not then Forms has no way of knowing who they are. It will mark them as anonymous anyway when you DO have an answer for their email, but at least you'll be able to see who submitted the response based on the answer to the "What is your email address" question. Make sure you make it a required answer.


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Thanx for your reply, I can do this, but is there a way to make the "post score" button work ?

Is it sufficient to have all the recipients (students) mail adresses in my outlook adress book ?