printing response on submission page

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How I can give option for user who submits thems  form to print their entry in pdf. Something like



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@anmol_khanna you would need to build a flow in Power Automate to send the reponder an email with the questions and their responses. We always do for our IT Ticketing System for example. You could also attach a PDF but the email confirmation is the quickest & easiest.


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Microsoft Power Automate Community Super User per attached screenshot someone was able to update the respose confirmation page with a print to PDF button

Yes the owner of the form can print out the response from a user as a PDF, but the user themselves can't do that as they don't have access to the Responses screen.

Following is a publicly available form - not from our organisation. As a user I could fill it and it gave it opton to print resutls in pdf ( not a proper PDF/ print of webpage as pdf).

How can I add print to pdf button on submissions page?

@anmol_khanna there is no setting in Microsoft Forms for a user to print out a PDF of what they are submitting or have submitted. You didn't attach anything to your post but are you sure it was a form created in Microsoft Forms? It might have been created with Customer Voice (the old Forms Pro).


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hi Rob, I attached screenshot in my initial post. Thanks for clearing that I cant.

Based on following url, I am assuming its ms form but I am not sure. I am confident that form was done this year .
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Yes I can see that as an ordinary user. It looks to me like Forms Pro.
All you need to do is to go to the Form setting and turn on the "Allow receipt of responses after submission" option to get this Print to PDF feature work for you.