Printing Microsoft Forms Responses with ONLY the answer selected

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This might be an obvious setting thing, but I can't figure it out. I used to be able to select an individual's Forms Response and click print this response and it would only show the responses for each question....for example if they were picking a day of the week, only Thursday would show when I printed it. But now when I print, it shows that the person picked Thursday but also shows the other options - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc - resulting in the Form taking 6 pages to print instead of one. I want to be able to print so that it shows every question with just the answer selected. How do I do this? Not sure why it changed. Thank you!!

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@R_Silver120 There's currently no way to do that unless you build a flow in Power Automate.


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Hi @RobElliott

I'm also interested in solving the same problem as R_Silver120. How would you suggest using Power Automate in this situation to remove the unticked checkboxes, etc?