Printing Individual Responses

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I have multiple responses to a staff survey and would like to print each individual's response on a separate page. Is that a possiblity?

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This is something I need to be able to do as well. At the moment, exporting the results into Excel is fine, but we are trying to send feedback for individuals that are outside the organisation, where they have answered questions with some personal information included. In this instance, it is not appropriate to send out the excel document to every participant and the Post Scores function doesn't work as they are outside the organisation.

@JirikHaselgrove you will therefore need to look at building a flow in Power Automate which can grab the response from their form submission and send them an email and/or PDF.


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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the quick response. That won’t allow me time to mark the questions that aren’t multiple choice. The reason for the necessity of this is that we provide feedback on some written responses, but that can take up to a week to complete dependent on numbers.