Print Form on ONE page instead of 3+ ?

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I need to print forms people submit individually (not summarized responses in Excel), but there is so much wasted space.  The simple form I have should easily be able to fit onto one side of one piece of paper, but as is prints out as 3 or more pages, depending on how much people type.  

Any idea if or how this can be accomplished?
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Hi @North8425 


Have you tried printing from within the Form responses tab itself? There's a View results button (Form), and Review answers button (Quiz) that then shows individual responses.


From there you can click onto the ... and Print response.




It spreads the questions/answers out so it fits the page better. You an also adjust how much you want to see on the page in the printer options.




The spreadsheet option could work with some manipulation but I think this is the easiest if you are just wanting to print individual responses.


Hope that helps?




Hi @Damien_Rosario,


Thanks for this.  It's what I originally tried and it's what spreads it out to 3 pages.  (See screen shot below).


Any other ideas?



Hi @North8425


Yes, certainly not ideal to have that happening.


You could try to play through trial and error with Scale and Pages per sheet under More settings to see if you can get a better fit as well.


Otherwise, the only other workaround I can think of would be to mailmerge the Excel doc with a Word doc that is formatted in a userfriendly way, and then print those off.




Hello @Damien_Rosario 


Is there a way to do this in Forms Pro? I'm using Forms Pro for the advanced survey capabilities and branching rules that aren't available in Forms. However, it seems that they have eliminated the "View Results" and "Review Answers" buttons. I want to be able to print everything out or create a PDF of one individual's survey responses.


Thank you,



Hi @Jacob_Idowu 


I haven't actually used Forms Pro in a while so can't really advise you. It's possible when you do find the print option that the above advice may help but maybe someone else on the forum who uses Forms Pro can chime in for this one?


Best wishes