Prevent Oversubscribe in Microsoft Form

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Hi , would like to know if Microsoft form has the ability to allow responses to be received in real time (prevent oversubscribing issues) ? 

For example, if we have 15 slots allocated for an event and is open to 100 people to sign up, can it be based on first come first serve basis and once 15 slots are full, other participants can no longer sign up ?

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@ruxuan No, Forms has no functionality like that, it will accept however many responses come in. So you would need to build something with a SharePoint list and a flow in Power Automate that saved the  responses to the list and sent a "thanks, you've registered..." email. But once the count of IDs in the list was more than 15 then a "sorry, this session is full...." email would be sent.


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Hi @RobElliott,
thanks for your reply ! greatly appreciate the offer provided. Is there a way you are able to provide a brief guide on the steps to take to perform the above solution u have mentioned ?