Prevent Addition of Forms to Existing 365 Group

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We have a couple of 365 groups that were recently created when we added a new appliance to our tenant. These groups have (and need to have) all user objects within them. However, I do not want our users to be able to move Forms to these 365 groups. I have not found a way to prevent this. Have any of you found a way to control which 365 groups can have Forms moved to them?

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@JonathanAnding ordinary users can't do this at all. Only you as the creator of the form and those you've given the collaborate link to (so they can edit the form, see the results and are effectively co-owners).


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Thanks for the response @Rob_Elliott. I understand that moving a form is something that only the creator for the form can do, I'm just wanting to have some guide rails if at all possible so that they can only move the forms to groups where the form ought to belong.