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Just like Google Forms, they are having pre-filled links for their forms, which can partially fill in the information. Can we have one too?

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Hi @kslai

There is currently a uservoice open for this here

Would recommend you vote for it and get as many to vote as possible to push it up the agenda. To note, as shown Microsoft haven't picked it up yet and the caveat is that it could be some time before they do/if they ever will. The more who vote for it the more it goes up the agenda.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Something similar is coming to Microsoft Forms Pro, which might be worth keeping an eye on, it was only released in preview this week:


Microsoft Forms Pro public preview is now available


Survey design suggestions: Forms Pro provides intelligent inputs about the type of questions to use and can auto-fill suggestions to help survey designers create a survey that will attract maximum responses.

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@Christopher Hoard 


This other idea is similar and already has a high number of votes. Let's factor them.
I have also posted another similar question

A simple solution is really needed !

I agree. I think we all agree with my original point that they need to introduce this functionality because there are no real workarounds for it.

Great to flag that uservoice as it has more chance of getting through.

Thanks Bertrand!

Best, Chris
This uservoice link is no longer available

@KatrinaMorris uservoice has been replaced by the feedback portal at


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