Power Automate Can't Get Response Details | InternalServerError / Timeout

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I posted about this in the Power Automate Forums, but I am starting to think this is an issue with the MS Forms platform itself, rather than Power Automate.


What's happening is I have a flow that triggers on submission for a Microsoft Form, then gets details of the response. I know there are issues with Microsoft Forms not triggering flows in another thread, but this one is kicking off as expected. It's just the Get Response Details that is timing out.


I tried submitting multiple form responses, and those are all timing out as well.

Then I made another flow to get the details of past responses that successfully pulled in previous flow runs. Nothing works.


I can see the responses are there in my form, and the submission is kicking off just fine. It's just the get response details that is returning an "InternalServerError" response every time.


I tried posting screenshots but this forum doesn't seem to allow them, so my original post can be seen here if more details are needed: Microsoft Forms InternalServerError / Timeout - Power Platform Community

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