Populating data from Sharepoint list back to a form.

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I have a data set of monthly performance information in a sharepoint list. One row per month. Users add to this data via a simple ms form. I would like to be able to offer users the ability to update prior data submissions. Ideally a user would use an ms form, and upon selecting a month with existing data the from would populate with the current data for that month, but allow the user to edit as needed. Submitting the data would cause the records to be updated to the new values. Is this or similar possible, and if so how would you achieve it?

The dataset is the input to a PowerBI dashboard.
Thanks in advance
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@evigors it's not possible to pre-populate data from SharePoint (or anywhere else) into a form. For this sort of scenario you would need to build a form in Power Apps with the Sharepoint list as a data source.


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Booooo. This is exactly what I want to do too
I want to do the same thing. Are there any REALLY good templates/examples from power apps that behave like this and would be a good starting point? I'm willing to dive into power apps but a life jacket would be nice for my first swim.