Please include same features as Google forms. MS Forms is so basic its unusable.

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File Upload
More / better options

Sections for readability

Are any of these features planned anytime soon ?

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Hi @Deleted


For the features you want to see, it may already be requested at or if not, you can always raise it yourself.


Microsoft will investigate the feature request and see how it stacks up in their plans. With enough demand, they will add it.


Best wishes!




My company moved from G-suite to Office 365. So far the Forms conversion have been a nightmare. Many basic features are missing (like Time of the day, Re-order for drop-down choices)

Hi @Riccardo Verona


Forms is still new and evolving. At this tage it's basic but I'm sure we'll see new features as time goes on.




I have to agree. As it is, MS Forms is poor and is barely usable as a communication solution. At least, the possibility of uploading an attachment would be great.


Hopefully this feature will appear soon as I am trying to use MS Forms for certain projects here. Going to a third party option would be lame...

Also, if a survey or a questionnaire is more than 5 or 6 questions long, adding a page separator would be nice.