Please, for the love of god, disable those recommendations

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When designing my form I get constant pop-ups of recommended questions to add to my form. First of all, I do not need any recommendations, I know what I want to put on my forms. Secondly, the recommendations are te-ri-ble. They're galaxies removed from what the survey is about. In a survey that is aimed at scrum masters and product owners it suggests I add the question "did you enjoy your stay at our hotel". Mind you, we are a bank, not a hospitality business.


If I want AI help, I'll ask ChatGPT. These built-in pop-up recommendations? Remove them ASAP.




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@Dingkun XieHow can I dismiss when there is no dismiss button?




Unfortunately, there is no way to dismiss this experience.

@Dingkun Xiethis is an accessibility issue for users with visual processing issues; like others in this thread I find it immensely difficult to concentrate on building a form when there's a brightly-coloured, non-dismissable, intermittent animation happening in the same visual field as the thing I'm trying to work on.

@DrCindie@ApocahipsterI've had some temporary success with accepting all these stupid suggestions, then immediately deleting them from the form field - it doesn't seem to repopulate them with fresh animations after doing that. I have visual processing issues and this was driving me wild trying to work on a form; I've already tried to flag this as an accessibility issue elsewhere in the thread but don't have high hopes.

Actually, alas, I was wrong - if you pause at all while typing a response option into the form, it does indeed repopulate the stupid AI suggestions, complete with new irritating animations. What a baffling and ill-thought-out choice on the part of Forms' designers.
Even if I close the suggested question in one editing session, I get the same suggested question EVERY time I edit a form, so if closing "Suggested question" is designed to turn off the feature in subsequent editing sessions, it is not working as designed.
The response suggestions are terrible, get in the way, and waste time. Stop trying to force garbage AI into everything.
It's so annoying! Especially when you build a form in German and all "suggestions" (with the moving shiny visual noises! are in english! Thats absolutely useless and disctracts from essential work. Not everyone is every day his first time working with f office.