Please, for the love of god, disable those recommendations

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When designing my form I get constant pop-ups of recommended questions to add to my form. First of all, I do not need any recommendations, I know what I want to put on my forms. Secondly, the recommendations are te-ri-ble. They're galaxies removed from what the survey is about. In a survey that is aimed at scrum masters and product owners it suggests I add the question "did you enjoy your stay at our hotel". Mind you, we are a bank, not a hospitality business.


If I want AI help, I'll ask ChatGPT. These built-in pop-up recommendations? Remove them ASAP.




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There is no way to disable it for all forms, but you can click the 'X' at the upper right corner to close the question suggestion. At least it won't pop up again during your subsequent editing.
Couldn't agree more! It infuriates me and we need an option to disable altogether.
Just click the X in the top right of the box to remove the recommendations.It takes less than a second!

@Rob_Elliott But it requires that one second EVERY TIME, plus the second it takes for them to load and push what I was attempting to read and edit off the bottom of the screen. It's infuriating. This should be something we can turn off.

I am afraid someone else may find this helpful especially when using MS form first time.
I guess Microsoft will not remove it .
Maybe will add a switch in future.
If MS thinks this is helpful for first-time users, an easy fix is having both a "hide this for now" and a "hide this from now on" option for users to close it once or permanently.
I literally cannot concentrate on the form I am trying to build while flashing buttons keep appearing

I agree with all. Adding question suggestions is not value added. They take up a lot of real estate on my screen. I am hitting the X button frequently get rid of them so I can see what I'm working on, because they reappear every time I open the form to edit. In addition to not being useful at all, I get a negative pissed-off feeling directed at Microsoft/ the AI for making assumptions about what I am thinking, and telling me how to do my job. Please, give me a way to turn this off!

Couldn't agree more!
Agreed, - these are disruptive and annoying. Worse than Clippy. At least provide a per-user setting to turn them off for good.
Yes, has and is causing so much trouble and frustration - when I preview the form all looks as I want it, but when issued, there are wretched recommendation questions appearing

How to get rid?? Please help me!!!
Still appears when the form is issued????
We have heard your feedback, and the product team is discussing possible solutions to address your requests. I will share any updates as soon as they become available.

@Dingkun Xie 


Is there an option to delete the "Estimated time to complete: ..mins".  Its not accurate at all and I dont want my respondents (suppliers who need to fill in the form as product specification form) to see this in the email they receive (Hi! Would you mind taking 25 minutes to complete this form? It would be great if you can submit your response by Nov 29, 2023. Thank you!). 




You can customize the message to remove the time estimation from two places -

1. Remove the time estimation from the subtitle if you applied the auto-suggestions to add the time estimation.

2. Remove the time estimation from the invitation message as you want.








@Dingkun Xie  Thank you for keeping us posted. My frustration is slightly different. The multiple-choice option suggestions that have multi-color rings running around each one is incredibly distracting. I keep wanting to turn on my Ad Blocker. I won't be using Forms again until this intrusive feature is removed. I'm surprised it hasn't given anyone a seizer yet. Screenshot 2023-12-01 125454.png

I will share your feedback with Product Team.
A fix has been applied to our production. Whenever a user dismisses an auto suggestion/recommendation, the browser will record the user's choice, and no promotion will be shown as long as the same browser is being used on the same device.
my exact issue, it makes it very hard to think and concentrate