Pivot tables with Form Answers and Changing Spreadsheets for Form Answers

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Hello - 


We recently switched from Google to 365.  I have a question about forms.  Please excuse my terminology.  Today I was happy to discover that MSForm answers could go into a "live" excel spreadsheet when created from inside the form.  I didn't want staff to have to download the sheet to see the results.  


However, in order for the staff to get the most out of the responses (which are across locations) it would be a great if a pivot table could be inserted to calculate and analyze the data by location.


In Google, one could set up a pivot table in form responses.  The pivot table would automatically incorporate each new form reply.  It made it very easy for staff to review the information.  


When I try to set up a pivot table in excel, I get the error message "A table cannot overlap another table or PivotTable." 

Is there any way to set up a pivot table using form responses in an excel sheet?


Also, I noticed that after I deleted my test responses, from both the form and the live response sheet, the form no longer sent data to the live sheet. With google, we could reconnect the form if necessary.  

Is it at all possible to re-link a form to a live sheet if the connection has been broken? 


In addition, to reconnecting broken links, I could connect to different forms to the same live spreadsheet.

Is it possible to specify a sheet that you would like the form to use? 


Thank you so much in advance for your assistance.

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