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Is it possible for a form to pick up emails with in the organisation instead of having to type in the whole email manually? 




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Hi @ABill1 


Yes it is. You can set your form to Record name within your organisation which will capture which staff member has submitted the form.


1. In your Form, click onto the ... and Settings.




2. Make sure that Only people in my organization can respond is selected, and that Record name is ticked.




This will ensure that the results in Excel capture the email address of each submitter.


Hope that helps?






Sorry! I should have explained more!


So I have a form which a staff member fills out which in this form they have to manually type in a email address of a student this then emails a student/parent (which is done by flow). 


The part I cant seem to figure out is the email address (of the student) has to be typed in manually which has a higher risk of error in the form which then messes up the flow. 

To fix this issue the Ideal scenario would be to get the email to pop up when typing a students name, as shown below (but obviously in forms)

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 8.57.09 AM.jpg

Hi @ABill1 


Unfortunately, Forms doesn't do lookups of users to be able to search.


You could use a SharePoint list instead that allows you to look up users OR you can get the staff member to type the students name (must be the same as what's in the DB) and use the Office 365 Get User Profile (V2) to look up the details (email is in the profile) and then use that to send the message.


Still risky if the staff member enters the name wrong as the process won't work.


One final thought, if your email accounts have consistent structure like Damien Rosario = drosario, you could either have that as a field to fill in (@email.com not required as you can program that into Flow), or have an expression that takes the students name to make the username.


Hopefully this all makes sense and hopefully something above is somewhat helpful!