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I created a new form within one of my Teams. When I go to Open in Excel, it says "You need co-authoring permissions for this form and the folder that contains the Excel workbook." I am not only the author of the form, but also an owner of the team. I cannot find the folder that contains the excel workbook at all between the Team, OneDrive, or SharePoint. 


Session id: 44a8cc1b-f2c7-4d1c-82b2-1f63e36e6424, Correlation id: d6de9fc9-47bd-43c4-8df4-77ac058a9def

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I have the exact same issue @sdavidson 

Hi @KimBateman. I have deduced that it occurs when I try to move it into a team. If I keep it in my Sharepoint/OneDrive, and then share the link and permissions it works.