Passing URL variable doesn't work when exporting to excel

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I have created a Forms Pro survey that contains two questions: SessionID, and Name. In addition, I have initialized a variable called SessionID.

I am passing a variable in the URL for the Session ID which is the following:{"SessionID":"Social Media"}

The problem is the following:

  • When I submit my response using the above URL and I export to excel the responses, unfortunately, the SessionID column remains blank knowing that it's already passed in the URL. But it seems that the SessionID doesn't get populated when the URL is loaded.

My requirement is just to capture the session ID along with other questions and download the excel report.

Please have a look at the below screenshots:
Any idea why this problem occurs?

Can please someone explain in detail and provides an example to achieve the above scenario?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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@Julien_Anid - this feature is not available in Forms and is available in Forms Pro. You can get the variables passed in the URL and save it.

Hello @bullsb ,

I am already using Forms pro and I have created my survey using Forms pro but unfortunately, the same problem occurs.

Please have a look at the below screenshot:
(PS: I am using SessionType as a variable. In the first post, it was SessionID)


Looking forward to your response.
Thank you!

@Julien_Anid It should be a hidden field, I see its visible for the user to enter. Please check the youtube post by Megan.


Hope it meets your requirement.

Hello @bullsb,

Its already hidden but here it's showing because it's not on preview mode, thanks for sharing I have already followed the same tutorial but the problem persists.

Any other suggestions?