Partial scoring for multiple choice questions in Forms

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I am using Forms to create a quiz and have  multiple choice questions and matching questions that are worth more than 1 point.  How can I change the auto-grade from "all or nothing" to assigning points for each correct answer within that one question? 

If a question has 3 correct answers and is worth 3 points total but the students only selects 2 or the 3 then 0 points are awarded.  Without manually reviewing each student/question answer, can auto-grade give a 2 out of 3 score?

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Please, need the same option as Renee Numez for my forms...

I have the same question as Renee Nunez - partial scoring is a must need, please.

@Renee Nunez 


Please I have exactly the same requirement as Renee. This should be a top priority for Microsoft Forms as it is such a fundamental requirement for a quiz. At the moment the answers seem to be 'all or nothing', but for multiple answers, it is usual to score 1 for 1 correct answer, 2 for 2 correct answers, 3 for all 3 correct answers etc.


This is also an issue for teachers in Austria and it would life make so much easier if Microsoft could find a solution concerning all or nothing.

Please let me know asap when an improvement is made!

Thanks :=)

I would really like an implementation like the one asked by @Renee Nunez. I have several personality tests that I share with the students that assigns a different score to each option in each question and there are no incorrect answers.

I would love to see this as well! @Renee Nunez 

This has been a request from users for a few years so hopefully Microsoft will give us this feature ASAP!

@Renee Nunez Brilliant idea! I also need the ability to change the auto-grade from "all or nothing" to assigning points for each answer within one question. I want to set the total possible points to 1, and choose between 1 pt for high quality, 0.5 credit for medium quality, and 0 pt for low quality. This is because my team evaluates performance rather than right and wrong answers. We value recognizing successes, and it is necessary to give "partial credit" when evaluating how well teams are doing.

We really need this feature ASAP.

@jcarballo1993 As we have been asking for this for over five years, I have a feeling it will never happen.  I really don't believe Microsoft reviews these discussions; that is unless we throw out key trigger words like 'bomb', 'Trump', 'kill', 'NAMBLA', or 'Elon Musk'.



I keep checking back to see if this feature has been implemented. It's unbelieveable that it still hasn't ... and now (unless I'm missing something) I can't seem to find anywhere that users can vote on suggested features for improvement (I clicked on two different links from previous threads on this matter and the links appear broken!).

Urgently need this basic functionality as mentioned by Renee Nunez.