Partial scoring for multiple choice questions in Forms

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I am using Forms to create a quiz and have  multiple choice questions and matching questions that are worth more than 1 point.  How can I change the auto-grade from "all or nothing" to assigning points for each correct answer within that one question? 

If a question has 3 correct answers and is worth 3 points total but the students only selects 2 or the 3 then 0 points are awarded.  Without manually reviewing each student/question answer, can auto-grade give a 2 out of 3 score?

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Please, need the same option as Renee Numez for my forms...

I have the same question as Renee Nunez - partial scoring is a must need, please.

@Renee Nunez 


Please I have exactly the same requirement as Renee. This should be a top priority for Microsoft Forms as it is such a fundamental requirement for a quiz. At the moment the answers seem to be 'all or nothing', but for multiple answers, it is usual to score 1 for 1 correct answer, 2 for 2 correct answers, 3 for all 3 correct answers etc.


This is also an issue for teachers in Austria and it would life make so much easier if Microsoft could find a solution concerning all or nothing.

Please let me know asap when an improvement is made!

Thanks :=)