Open in Excel broken

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Hi all, When using the Open in Excel link under Responses on a form I designed today, it opened a completely unassociated workbook in Excel online. I hadn't even had this workbook open while designing the form. I'm really at a loss as to how or why Forms would even do this. Can anyone shed any light? Thank you.

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Hi Tom,

I am wondering if everyone working from home during the crisis is having an impact on performance.  I created a form on Friday, entered about six responses, checked and had no responses.  Half an hour later they were all there.  I kept having issues on and off all through the day.  DOesn't explain why your form opened the wrong Excel but might explain why it didn't open the right one.

@Guy_Boswell Thanks Guy. I haven't noticed slow performance, but I've literally only just started trying to use Forms. I don't mind slow going, as much as I mind a completely unpredictable result involving an bespoke-permissions file that makes me doubt the whole security architecture of the suite. Planning to see what happens today...