OneDrive Forms excel data not refreshing until I open the excel workbook in OneDrive

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I wanted to create a survey (forms) and access the data (excel) in PowerBI. 


I'm finding that if i follow the instructions for creating a form on OneDrive, the connection to the data from powerBI isn't updating. I found that I have to manually go into the excel spreadsheet on OneDrive for the spreadsheet to update, and then the powerBI data will update. Does anybody know if there is a delay I'm being unreasonably impatient about for the data to be updated from a form to it's corresponding excel on OneDrive or is this expected? How can i get the data to be instant & live.

Instructions i used for connecting to the excel fiel in powerBI :

Instructions i used for getting the data in OneDrive : 

In addition to Christophers suggestion, you can create a MS Form directly linked to OneDrive by:

1. Go to Office 365 online in your web browser.
2. Using the app launcher, open OneDrive.
3. In the OneDrive menu, click onto New > Forms for Excel.
4. Name your new Form and click Create.

You can now replicate your old Form in the new one and the results will always be available in your OneDrive.

If you ever need to share the results file with someone, you can just share the Excel doc as you would any other doc on OneDrive (right click onto the file and Share).



Any help is much appreciated!

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