Old Microsoft Lumia 650 Overheating Problem with Phone Case Off ;/

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Hey Guys,


Glad to finally be a member of the Microsoft community.


That's right, I'm still rocking the old Lumia 650 and recently have been encountering some overheating issues. I have had this phone for just over 4 years and I've not really had any problems with it in the past. But, recently it has started to overheat when I'm using it for typical browsing etc. 


When I first purchased the phone back in 2017 I did invest a few quid into a a phone case to keep it protected from knocks and bumps as you do, but weirdly enough, its only overheating with the case off ;/


We own a digital temperature reader and we have measured temps with the phone case on and off.  Trying to use the device with the case off is a nightmare when I'm browsing the web its so leggy and slow.


Does anybody have a clue on gods earth what would be the cause of this.? The only reason how I noticed the phone overheating was when I bought a third party charger that did not fit through the phone case port and had to charge with the case off.


I know its quite an old device but i have not encountered issues like this in the past. Can anybody help?


Thanks in advance 







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Not sure how I could help but it is best to just keep the case on. I dont' have a lumia but I love the lumia line :) 

Is the 650 useable in 2021, how is the maps apps?