O365 forms unable to load completely.

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I have create a form link and it has been working well since March 2020. Recently from last Saturday 12th September 2020, I started to receiving many peoples informing me they are unable to complete the form. would like to ask if there is anyone who face the same issue and know how to solve this issue. Appreciate and thank you very much.   



1. participants unable to complete the link.

When participants half way in filling up the form, especially when there is a branching to other questions, the form will not branch/ load completely. Showing only green bar with Submit(end of the form) but they are unable to select Submit. once they select submit, it will load in circle.  

2. the above problem this does not happen all the times. Most of time will have issue, only when you are lucky, you can complete the form after they restart their phone.  


Not sure if this is due to the recent upgrading of the system. hope to get this fix soon.

if anyone of you able to fix the issue, please let me know. Thanks A Lot.

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we have an issue where a form that was working before has now stopped working on PC but it is accessible on Android Device (Chrome) - I see a few other messages re: forms not working for no reason, has an update changed something this week as we can't use or recommend forms if this is going to happen often!