Not everyone seeing Group Forms

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Hey all, I'm having an issue with members of a SharePoint not seeing all the Group Forms that are put into it. They only see the Forms they were collaborating with originally and no one else in the Group Form can see them even though the Form is in Group Form.   

Most of these Group Forms were made in My Forms then transferred over to Group Forms. Is there an issue in the transfer process that causes people within the SharePoint to not see the Form even though it is in Group Form? 

Do we have to make the form within Group Forms in order for it to show up for all members of the SharePoint?

Do we have to enable certain permissions in Sharepoint for people to view & edit the form? I've looked everywhere and no one seems to have an answer to the permissions problem in Group Forms.

As an aside, I wish Forms would better spell out who has access to a Form and in what capacity (or just for collaboration) like every other Microsoft App with their share features.

Thanks for any help you can give! Cheers. 

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I have also experienced this issue when sharing Forms Pro Surveys with specific people or with entire Teams. While the direct link might work, the Survey does not appear under the Shared With Me tab on the other person's account.

Any update would be appreciated!

It seems there is an issue with the SharePoint permissions. Though accounts are members of the SharePoint site which are granted Edit permissions, their individual accounts are set to Limited Access. Could this be causing an issue with conflicting permissions?