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I have checked off that I'd like to receive emails whenever anyone responds to my survey. I just tested it with a coworker and have not received any emails. The form was originally created by someone who is no longer with my company, but the form is a group form now. Any ideas? 

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If it's a group form than the ability to configure it should reside with the other owners but you can still explicitly take it over.  If you use the link format below, you'll be able to assume ownership of the Form


"[email address]"


Once you have this, check the Form settings accessible via the ellipsis (...) on the top right and and double check the Notifications settings at the bottom of the page



Can you give this a go and let us know how it works out?

@Steven Andrews


Thank you for your response. I tried this initially but got this back: 

Access denied.
You may only access your own forms.
Tried it again with the same response. Any other ideas?



Ask one of your global administrators to try it, I think it needs admin permissions.  Once they do, they'll be able to share the form with you.