No access to online form- how do I download form as word or PDF?

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Does anyone know how I can download the form that I created as word or PDF? I have colleagues from different parts of the world who does not have access to the link for various reasons so I have to either email a printable copy or fax it to them!

Thanks :)

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Hi Jessie


The only way I can think of to do that is to preview the form, Ctrl + A (Select All), Ctrl + C (Copy), and open a Word document and Ctrl + V (Paste).


It's not a perfect solution and also won't show the branched questions if you have used that.


Hopefully your form is simple enough to try the above.


Hope that helps in someway.




Thanks Damien! It doesn't work unfortunately, I could only preview the current screen.

Since I have more than 5 questions on my form, I had to scroll  down the page, print screens and use Paint to combine them :)

I guess using google form is better for now.


Hi @Jessie LUCIEN


Yeah unfortunately it's not an ideal way to do it, but hopefully the ability to save the form may one day come to Forms.


Did the copy and paste of the content not work for you?


Wishing you all the best for your work ahead!




control A and ctrl C worked fine for me and pasted into word