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Hi all,


Paul here.. I am new to MS Teams and Forms. My company merged into a regional one, and the management is big on tech. I enjoy working in the englineering and construction field because it gives me variety in environments and tasks. So far, I am comfortable with MS Office, especially the new Share feature, which lets me keep my reports on my OneDrive and share them with our admin! This is much better than the old attach to email method because I can fix mistakes and not have to send her multiple emails with the updates. Greetings!


My question:


We use “break cards” to record and transmit (via physical handoff) our laboratory data to the admin for relay to the clients. These cards are updated roughly 5 times over a month in data entry fields, but they also contain multiple fields such as job name and number that stay the same. I am in the Engineering/Construction field. 


In perusing MS Forms, it seems this application is oriented towards surveys (administrative) and quizzes (education). Is there an anything for my application (above)?





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@pfromero from what you've said I think it would need to be a combination of Forms with a flow in Power Automate.


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@Rob_Elliott  Thank You Rob. So, creating something along the lines of creating an electronic "Rolodex" of lab forms arranged by date (1-31 days) in Teams is possible without coding etc.?