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During a presentation I saw that sharing a Form has been rolled out. This was something I was waiting for. Thank you!


Am I right that you always have to save the link to get to a shared form?


I saw the behaviour that after opening a shared form that the form was listed in the screen with al my forms. But after hitting F5  the link was gone to the shared form.



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Hi Maurits, you're correct that currently you need to re-open the form using the link you were provided.


You're not crazy about seeing the shared form before an F5, we had a little bug but I believe it's now fixed, so you won't ever see the shared form. :)

I understand.


I was hoping that it was a bug that the link disapeared ;) Will a shared link in the future vissible in an other users account?




Whoah! Great, thanks for the news, missed the presentation. 

Really a big thanks to microsoft crews too. That was a MOST WANTED feature!

Yes, updating Forms to include other people's forms you've used is on our backlog. Thanks for the feedback!