Need help moving a survey from "Group Forms" to "My Forms"

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I have a survey saved as a "Group form" in Microsoft Forms Pro that I'd like to send to certain users via flow.  However, it seems that I'm only able to send surveys that are saved under the "My Forms" section.  Is there a way I can move the survey into the "My Forms" section?  I'd like to avoid copying the form, as it seems I'll lose all the current response data in the copy. Thanks!

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Hi @tgiard

Unfortunately not at the current time, see articles

Several uservoices open for this including this one

So would vote on the uservoices to push up the agenda. Unfortunately you will need to copy the form. My recommendation would be anything you push to group forms to create in personal so you always have a copy to hand. I am sure this functionality will come in at some point in the future, however no sign that it will be soon

Hope this answers your question!

Best, Chris