Need advice on Microsoft Forms (Attendee, Preview before submit, Add to Favorite on browser, report)

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Hi , 

I've used MS Forms to survey and collect data from my subordinate, about their routine and non-routine work to help investigate relation of each others to identify HRC/LRC during COVID-19 pandemic.

After 1000+ data submitted, I'm looking for opportunity to improve our forms and easy of data analysis.

1. Is it possible to specify attendee name, or employee ID. ?

*now I've set to "anyone can respond" as my subordinate not link to my organization, they fill in form via their smart phone, some people can have many name recorded by mistake...

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**I wish i have "table list of attendee" so that if they key-in name not positive match, they'll be notify and can't proceed to next step.


2. How to create and embed link that will made the forms to added to favorite internet browser of each attendee smartphone? 

*now they have to take a picture of QR code and scan it each time they would fill in the forms, make them shorter process to access the forms may improve convenience.


3. Is it possible to have "preview" function before they submit or finish filling the forms.


4. How to have "Auto generate excel report" that send to specific administrative e-mails, and that reports should be in daily basis with specific criteria (such as "by working date" or "List of name that missing (not fill in the forms))

*this may help easier to monitor and find who didn't fill the forms


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Mr. Suwasan K.


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@Suwasan for 1) if you mean can a question in your form look up names or IDs then the answer is no. 2) no I don't know of any method to do that. 3) Forms doesn't have a preview function before a user submits the form. 4) Yes you can do this with a flow in Power Automate that would grab each response as it comes inb, save it to an excel spreadsheet or SharePoint list. Then a second flow would run once a day using the recurrence schedule trigger to loop through the list filtered by date and send an email to admin staff.


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Thanks you RobElliott
for 3.) In this case they have to submit data first, and if its possible to create review page so that attendee can make a change/correct before confirm and leave that page. (thank you message to be shown)
Thanks and Best regards,
Mr. Suwasan K.

@Suwasan no, it's a 1-pass only form. They have to complete the form then submit, there is no preview page or any way to create one.


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Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)