My Groups - missing groups and breadcrumb to all group forms for that group


With the new Form UI, I have located My Groups now at the bottom of the page, but as an Admin, I below to MANY groups. I find it extremely challenging to locate a group. Not all are listed and those that are are not alpha sorted so it makes it extremely challenging to locate a group. The Search feature is gone AND if I do get lucky and find A form that lists the appropriate group, I no longer have a breadcrumb back to the Group view that lists all of the Forms for that particular group so again it's extremely challenging to locate a specific Form if it hasn't been touched for a while so it's no longer "recent". PLEASE Alpha sort the Groups, give us a GOOD Search to locate a desired Group and navigation to toggle between a form and back to all of the forms for that group. I want to create New Group Owned Forms and wish to do so in the Forms interface as the starting point for some other connector.

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