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Multiple Selection Booking

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Im not sure if it is even possible to create this as I have had multiple attempts with no result.

The form I am trying to create is where you can book in Multiple people to Multiple courses and then have this information save in SharePoint as well as send a confirmation email to the attendee.


More details:

We have 15 different courses for people to attend throughout the month, and people can choose more than one to attend. 

for example John Doe wants to attend Course 1 Course 6 and Course 9.
Jane Doe wants to attend Course 1 and 2 only.


this then would need to send a separate email to John and Jane confirming their choices and then upload this information to sharepoint.

each row containing the information :

[Name] [Email] [Course Booked] [Date of Course]


the current process is as follows:




however this isn't functional as it doesn't split out the courses it all combines into one cell when exporting to excel


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The main problem i am running into is not being able to do branching from each as they are multiple selection.

the preferable would be to do as follows 

[Name] [Email]
[Course] <once clicked on which course go to>[Dates available]


then allow the person to do this up to 15 times, per attendee (up to 5 attendees per booking form).



@MaxSmith4  Hi, have you tried storing your results in a SharePoint list instead? We store most of our form data this way then we use PowerAutomate to send emails based on various conditions.  As an example one form is filled in to create new companies in our system and based on the office question in the form it routes the answers to a different shared inbox each time.

I'm not sure how you would limit the responses though. Sounds like an interesting challenge.