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Hey everyone. 


Have a quick question. I have a form where we are gathering IMEI info from routers on hand. The only way to do this in MS Forms is to have a separate question for each. So my question is, is there a way that each question answered can be added as a NEW ROW instead of a column. I've done something similar with Flow for a multiple choice question. But this one is slightly different. 


Appreciate any help.

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@Charles665 there's nothing in Forms itself that can do this, you would need to use a flow but why not just have 1 question on the form relating to each router and have the engineer submit it for each router? That way you'll have a separate row in the spreadsheet for each router. But if it's more complicated that that you'll need to post up an image of the form se we can take a look.


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@RobElliott yea that's the route we were prob gonna go. Just wondering if there was a simpler method for the end user. Appreciate you always helping me out!!