Multiple Google searches in formula?

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I want to create a market research form where one can enter a company name in a specific cell and search additional items in the same search.  For instance, say I want to do some research on IBM.  And the info I need search on is:

'Market share'

'Major competitors'

'Major products.'


So, I have a cell dedicated to the company name one wishes to research, (IBM) and then once entered, it goes and searches all the related times to that specific company in a different row. (IBM Market share), IBM Major competitors), (IBM's major products), etc.


I know there is a Hyperlink function where you can insert a Google search and point to a cell to search on, but I would like to have the search start with name cell and then search each of the same items for any company entered.


Is this possible? I appreciate any feedback and assistance.

Thank you!


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@Greg_Abelabelconnec there's no functionality like this in Microsoft Forms.


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