Multiple emails for notifications of responses

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Does Forms allow you to add multiple email addresses to receive notifications of responses to a form? I created a form that is posted on our Sharepoint site, but I need my staff to be notified of responses. Right now, I am the only one receiving notifications via email when there is a response. This form is used as a request form to request items so my staff needs to be notified when a form response has been submitted. 

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HI Natalie Microsoft Flow might be the way to go! See if this works and let me know? Cheers Damien

It worked for me, Thank you @Damien Rosario 

Thank you so much @Damien Rosario it worked perfectly.Now i begin a new journey with microsoft flow.


Glad to help folks.


There's tons of great stuff on Power Automate and PowerApps online so I encourage you to search for answers and if you are stuck, there's also great forums to get help from experts such as:




We are all here to help where we can.


Best wishes with your solutions!