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Attempting to create a question that ties together multiple answers with text input from the user (not pre-selected answers I have built for the users).


Use Case Example:


Question 1 (I create this for the user): How will you clean up the yard?


Answer: The user would then need to provide up to 4 options for how they will mow the yard as an answer, but I need to be able to parse the answers (in other words a long text answer with "pick up the leaves, mow the yard, cut the branches" would not work). 


I then need to take those 4 answers and branch them to the next question that is specific to their answer (e.g. I would now want to know "what tools are needed" to "cut the branches" (one of the answers they gave) as a follow up question which would continue with new answers from the user (e.g. branch cutter, hacksaw, blow torch). 


The goal is to have a 1:many relationship question to answer and still be able to separate the data out without having to separate out comma separated answers (as there's always user error when we go this route).


Does anyone have any suggestions? Happy to provide more detail.


Thanks in advance!

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@JSY_87 it's not possible because Forms can't branch on a multi-select choice question. 


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