Multilingual survey in SharePoint - MS Forms Webpart

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Hello everyone,


I've created a multilingual survey with Forms. Now I'd like to display this survey in my SharePoint site via the MS Forms Webpart. Unfortunately the webpart doesn't show me the possibility to change the language. 


Does anyone know what I can do or can someone help me?



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@nr It seems to work for me.  I assume that you have followed the instructions for making the form multilingual and have provided the translations  I also assume that you have specified language codes that SharePoint supports. 


When I do that and add the survey to a Microsoft Survey webpart, I see two different ways to change the form language


1) in the upper right hand corner of the webpart there is a toggle for the webpart content language



2) If your user has a different language and that language is one of the alternate languages of the SharePoint site, then form in the webpart is automatically the same language as the UI, which is the user's language.  Most of the time.  I sometimes had to reload the page to make that happen.  I am using a language toggle from a third party product, so I'm not sure whether all methods of setting user language work, but I tested two of them and they seem to work.

@Martin Laplante  Thanks for your answer. It seems like it just took some time. I had first created the survey in one language and already integrated it into the website. Thereafter I created the second language. Today I looked at it again and can see it now.