MS Forms won't sync data to Excel in OneDrive for Business

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I'm facing a huge problem. We are using MS Forms as a "simple" proces documentation tool in our production - it's brilliant for the propose. However, I have one major issue. For no reason whatsoever, the responses from the forms are no longer synced with the excel-files in OneDrive for Business (the forms where created through excel in onedrive). This has happened from one day to the other. 


I have tried to update ALL connections. Nothing happened.

I have tried to force sync in OneDrive. Nothing happened. 


It has been 5 days since the last data sync, and I know for sure, that we're collecting data every 30 minut. 


I have the following clue; when I open the response page directly through MS Forms, and tries to watch the results in Excel (from link on response/result page) i get the following:


"<username> has locked the projectfolder. Ask them to close or check the file."


The excel files have not been changed or edited since they where created. 


I have tried this before, but ony with a 1-2 days delay of data sync between Forms-responses and Excel.


All the excel-files sends the data to a PowerBI workbook that we use daily. Please help. 


Best regards Lasse


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While I don't have a resolution to your specific issue, I do have a recommendation to get around what I perceive to be consistently unstable behavior from Forms. My organization has begun creating Flows to copy Forms responses to SharePoint lists--this ensures that shenanigans with the Excel doc behind Forms never become an issue, and once in a List, Forms responses are significantly safer and much more accessible than they are in Forms (and you could still use PowerBI to report on them). At the very least, you can start seeing what new data is coming in from this method ASAP.

Facing the same issue here.  My forms have stopped working altogether.  Existing oneshave stopped writing, new ones do not.  I have heard they deprecated the data sync add-in but who knows.  I will give the Flows solution a shot

Same here! Frustrating!