MS Forms: Unable to View All Collections

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I utilize MS Forms to create, deploy, and maintain records of assessments for all new hire training classes within the organization and have created a collection to contain 10-12 assessment templates and then a new collection for each new hire training class. Each training class collection contains each class's assessment results for ease of reporting and to maintain the integrity of historical training data.  The problem I have run into, however, is that as time goes on and I create additional collections, Forms only allows me to VIEW up to the last 12 collections, however, will still allow me to move forms to the older collections that I can no longer view or access. 

  • Is there a setting that can be updated which would allow me to view ALL collections and forms created or is there a default limit of collections viewable that cannot be exceeded?   
  • In regard to the collections that are no longer viewable or accessible, where do they go and how would I reestablish access to them, so I do not lose the data collected?

Any clarification or assistance is greatly appreciated as I need to be able to access all training records for reporting purposes.  Thanks!


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